Monday, March 13, 2023

Verona - Day Two through Five

 Got a good night's sleep and got up about 7 AM to 55 degrees and sunny. Looking forward to a nice day in Verona. We walked to Ponte Pietra along the river on nice shady sidewalks with beautiful views. We stopped for lunch without a reservation at the Terrace Bar (Terrazza Bar al Ponte). Fortunately, our timing was perfect to get a table on the patio for 40 minutes before reservations kicked in. Had wonderful panini, wine and crostini for 17 euros ($17 at the time). We liked it so much, we made reservations for dinner the next evening. Walked some more, and then back to our lovely 2 BR apartment where we relaxed for a couple hours. Prepared and ate our own supper of pesto pasta, bread and wine, and ate in the apartment. Nice evening. After a long, fun day, lights out at 9:00.

                 Terrace Bar patio,Verona


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