Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Italy relaxes COVID-19 Restrictions as of May 1, 2022

Some indoor mask mandates in Italy have also ended, including those for indoor spaces. While masks are still required on public transportation, in cinemas, and in healthcare facilities and nursing homes, indoor mask mandates in supermarkets, workplaces, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and stores have been lifted. 

Still, public health officials highly recommend wearing masks in Italy for all indoor activities, and private companies can still require them. Since the virus is still circulating, Dr. Giovanni Rezza, who is in charge of prevention at the Italian Ministry of Health, said “we should keep up the vaccine campaign, including boosters, and keep up behavior inspired by prudence: wearing masks indoors or in crowded places or wherever there’s a risk of contagion.”

A COVID-19 notice board is seen in Galleria Alberto Sordi in Rome, Italy, May 1, 2022. Starting from May 1, people in Italy are no longer required to show green passes when entering bars, restaurants, health centers, gyms, night clubs and other places,

 People must continue to wear face masks on public transport and in some indoor venues until at least June 15.

Galleria Alberto Sordi in Rome.

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Tourists in Rome on May1, 2022.