Saturday, September 2, 2023

Bari, Puglia, Italy 2023

 September 2023 14 Day Itinerary

Fly to Bari on Lufthansa with a short layover (90 minutes) in Munich

Arrive in Bari the next morning

Settle into our apartment rental

Day trips to some, if not all, of the following cities and towns (communes):

1. Lecce

2. Alberobello

3. Locorotundo

4. Otsuni

5. Polignano a Mare

6. Matera

7. Bitonto

8. Trani

9. Monopoli

day 15 - Fly home on Lufthansa via Munich to Boston

Otsuni, The White City.
Lecce (Freepic photo)
Polignano A Mare
Monopoli (Monopoli Tourism photo)
Trani ( photo)

Alberobello (Alberobello Tourism Photo of Trulli Structures)

Wednesday, July 19, 2023



where is your church?
mine is the medieval hill towns
of Pienza and Montepulciano
along the quiet dusky
cobbled paths on the limestone ridge
tasting its namesake wines
in amazement
looking up to the risky parapets
the muted bell towers at times
still heralding the misery
and the joy from here
to Montalcino
my church catches the sunset
and the shadows
through the stone gate
at Monteriggioni
and cools the Tuscan piazza
below the city walls
it is a museum
where paintings of Caravaggio and
Michelangelo hang frozen in Florentine time
forever at home with the Medicis
so near Savonarola’s bonfire of the arts
and then of his own flesh
mine is where souls meet
and knowing
I can feel
see or hear
true genius
or in the unlikely reconciliation of adversaries
where making one of opposites
light and dark
hate and love
death and life
brings tears to my eyes
Barry DeCarli
July 10, 2015 & September 2, 2016
On Hammond Pond
©Barry DeCarli
My 2011 photo from Monteriggioni

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Starting Over: Here's Our 2022 Itinerary

 27-Day Stay in Italy in September/October (9/13 to 10/10, 2022): Itinerary

1. 9/13 - Fly from Boston to Venice on Aer Lingus; 1 night in Venice (9/14)

2. Take the train to Desenzano del Garda; 3 nights there (9/15-9/18).

3. Train to Verona; 5 nights there (9/18-9/23).

4. Train to Feltre; 4 nights there (9/23-9/27).

5. Train to Bologna; 5 nights there (9/27-10/2).

6. Train to Corona; 4 nights there (10/2-10/6).

7. Train to Florence: 3 nights there (10/6-10/9).

8. Train back to Venice for our flight home; 1 night there at the same apartment as our 1st night (10/9).

9. 10/10 - Taxi to the airport for our flight home.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Flooding in Emilia - Romagna, Italy

Nine are dead in horrendous flooding in Italy as heavy rains overflow river banks and landslides crash down.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Verona - Day 3

 Woke up at 7:00, had coffee and toast. Got ready for another day in Verona. Went out in search of the famous tourist attraction of Juliette's Balcony, even though we know that Shakespeare never set foot in Verona, and that Romeo and Juliette are fictional characters. In our search, we passed by the small arched piazza containing the balcony and statue of Juliette. Luckily, there was no crowd (which I guess is unusual), so our visit took only a couple of minutes to snap a couple of photos. As far as we could tell, it was free...

Juliette's Balcony

Debbie, after viewing the balcony and statue up close

Verona - Day Two through Five

 Got a good night's sleep and got up about 7 AM to 55 degrees and sunny. Looking forward to a nice day in Verona. We walked to Ponte Pietra along the river on nice shady sidewalks with beautiful views. We stopped for lunch without a reservation at the Terrace Bar (Terrazza Bar al Ponte). Fortunately, our timing was perfect to get a table on the patio for 40 minutes before reservations kicked in. Had wonderful panini, wine and crostini for 17 euros ($17 at the time). We liked it so much, we made reservations for dinner the next evening. Walked some more, and then back to our lovely 2 BR apartment where we relaxed for a couple hours. Prepared and ate our own supper of pesto pasta, bread and wine, and ate in the apartment. Nice evening. After a long, fun day, lights out at 9:00.

                 Terrace Bar patio,Verona


Wednesday, February 1, 2023