Monday, March 13, 2023

Verona - Day 3

 Woke up at 7:00, had coffee and toast. Got ready for another day in Verona. Went out in search of the famous tourist attraction of Juliette's Balcony, even though we know that Shakespeare never set foot in Verona, and that Romeo and Juliette are fictional characters. In our search, we passed by the small arched piazza containing the balcony and statue of Juliette. Luckily, there was no crowd (which I guess is unusual), so our visit took only a couple of minutes to snap a couple of photos. As far as we could tell, it was free...

Juliette's Balcony

Debbie, after viewing the balcony and statue up close

Verona - Day Two through Five

 Got a good night's sleep and got up about 7 AM to 55 degrees and sunny. Looking forward to a nice day in Verona. We walked to Ponte Pietra along the river on nice shady sidewalks with beautiful views. We stopped for lunch without a reservation at the Terrace Bar (Terrazza Bar al Ponte). Fortunately, our timing was perfect to get a table on the patio for 40 minutes before reservations kicked in. Had wonderful panini, wine and crostini for 17 euros ($17 at the time). We liked it so much, we made reservations for dinner the next evening. Walked some more, and then back to our lovely 2 BR apartment where we relaxed for a couple hours. Prepared and ate our own supper of pesto pasta, bread and wine, and ate in the apartment. Nice evening. After a long, fun day, lights out at 9:00.

                 Terrace Bar patio,Verona