Saturday, November 20, 2021

Reconsidering Our Dates for Our April 2022 trip

With all of our lodging booked, mostly through for our 21 day April 2022 trip to Italy, we have begun to reassess the the situation with COVID19 in the world today as cases and deaths are rising rapidly in Europe and the US now in November 2021. Safety is becoming more of a concern for us once again. Even though we are both fully vaccinated, including booster shots, we still are more concerned than when we started this process of planning our trip in June.

We still have plenty of time to cancel or change our lodging reservations (until the beginning of April 2022), but we don't want to inconvenience the owners of the apartments and hotel rooms we have reserved in Verona, Venice, Cortona, Bologna, Milan and Florence.  The earlier we cancel, the more likely it will be that they can still rent the apartments out to others for our April time slots. Also, the  earlier we do that, the more likely we can find (or re-book the same) other lodging for a trip later in 2022 like in September or October if conditions start to improve again in the summer. This is a difficult decision for us to make, but we probably will cancel / reschedule our lodging soon. 

Fortunately, we haven't made any flight or train reservations at this time and we feel it's best to plan these things well in advance, so now would be a good time to be considering a trip in October 2022. Of course, it's disappointing to feel it necessary to make these changes, but we are hopeful that we'll be able to use our same itinerary for the fall as we we did for the spring. The silver lining may be that there are usually more festivals in the fall than in the spring, which will be exciting. Although, we were looking forward to seeing Italy in the spring because we have been there in in the fall and the summer before, including in the months of June, July, September, October and November, so adding April & May would have been nice. There really is no time that we wouldn't love Italy (we would probably avoid it in the month of August, though).



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